Steven Holowienko Steve is the owner of Griffons Lair Game Shop, LLC. He is a long time miniatures player and loves historical miniature games especially. Sci-Fi and fantasy are also strong interests. Rocco Yoculan Rocco is our sales guru and commission painter. He is an avid rules collector and gamer of many genres. Stephen Landis Stephen takes the lead on Star Wars related games, as well as other sci-fi and fantasy games, such as Guild Ball, Age of Sigmar and Warmachine / Hordes. Gregory Olszewski GTO is our audio talent and proofreader, as well as being involved in our upcoming podcasts. Tom Pursell Tom does video development and assists in site location identification and on site advertising.

The Empire Strikes Back!

The Griffons Lair is a tabletop game shop offering RPGs, miniatures games, board games and card games. We have semi-private game rooms and plenty of play space. Come on down and check us out! The owner, Steve, was part owner of a game shop in Las Vegas (Empire Comics and Games, LLC). It was initially established in 2014. It was a rather successful and very enjoyable endeavor building the business over several years. As it sometimes happens, disagreements over business practices led to a splitting of the operation and Steve departed from Empire Games in late 2016 and moved to Erie, PA. After some time, the decision was made to dive back into the industry and The Griffons Lair Game Shop, LLC was born. Finding a quaint little space which offered desired amenities and strategically located next to Virgil’s Pizza (game stores and pizza go hand in hand), the die was cast and Griffons Lair was opened in November of 2017. The original shop featured 1200 sq. ft. of space including a main retail area with gaming space as well as two semi-private rooms for RPGs, board games, card games and miniatures. After a year of growth which exceeded expectations, plus a dwindling space for new product, Griffons Lair moved to our current location on West 26th. The new location has an expanded retail area, room for more tables and a semi-private gaming area as well. Our miniatures tables come in 4x4 and 4x6 and are combinable to make 4x8 and 6x8 tables. Griffons Lair offers free open game play space and regularly hosts Organized Play events, leagues, escalation events, and tournaments. If there’s something we don’t have, let us know and we will get on it!
Griffons Lair Game Shop, LLC

1651 West 26th Street

Erie, PA 16508

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Welcome to the Griffons Lair The Griffons Lair Game Shop is dedicated to supplying and promoting tabletop gaming, including especially miniatures games, and also board games, role-playing games, card games and collectible card games. Product is available at our Erie, PA store or online here at our website.

Our Team:

Griffons Lair offers a unique membership program for customers. For a $30 membership fee, customers receive an immediate 10% discount on all purchases, excluding snacks (we have a special deal for those too, don’t worry). As you purchase products from Griffons Lair, and your total purchases for the year increases, your discount also increases according to the following schedule: $ 0 - $1000 = 10.0 % discount $1001 - $1400 = 12.5 % discount $1401 - $1900 = 15.0 % discount $1901 - $2500 = 17.5 % discount* $2500 + = 20.0 % discount* (*-where allowed by manufacturer MAP pricing requirements) The Griffons Lair is a game store for gamers - by gamers. We strive to make the store into what you, the customer, desires. The Griffons Lair will work with the local community to bring the best in gaming, events and fun. After all, what else is a game store supposed to be but fun. “The Empire Strikes Back” in a new form, but with the same old dedication to strong principles. We hope you enjoy the adventure!